Individual Weight Management Consultations:

You can arrange to see a Gillian for an individualised consultation to get practical nutritional advice and support to aid longterm weight loss.  Gillian makes it a priority to take into account your personal goals in terms of losing weight and makes every effort to individualise each consultation with every client.  She also sees the importance of looking at improving health and not just the numbers on the scales.

Gillian also provides ongoing support for those who need it. A five to seven week individualised weight management programme offers nutritional advice on the following:

  • Determining your weight loss & health goals
  • Controlling portion sizes & changing for good
  • Meal planning, snacking & eating out
  • Food labels, shopping tips & takeaways
  • Food & mood that can cause overeating
  • Alcohol reduction
  • Exercise goals


Group Weight Management Sessions:

Some people prefer the support of others to help motivate them to lose weight. Gillian offers group weight management workshops to achieve a healthy relationship with food.

The success of these workshops are built upon taking busy lifestyles into account, for both men & women in a safe and confidential environment. By providing the best support and practical education, this is how longterm weight loss is achieved.

There are 7 planned workshops lasting 1 hour each.


Weight Loss Surgery Advice:

Gillian also has experience working with clients who are are considering weight loss surgery (also known as bariatric surgery). There may be a need for supervised weight loss advice before your surgery or you may need step by step dietary adjustments after your surgery.  Gillian understands that lifestyle changes go far beyond the surgery itself and it is important to have a qualified dietitian guiding you through this to identify your nutritional needs and provide you with education.

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