The iPortion Lunchbox

The iPortion Lunchbox – available to buy soon!

We often overeat in 100-or 200-calorie increments, which over time adds up to a weight gain that seems like a mystery to the eater. Most of us know what we’re supposed to eat, and how much of it. We just ignore what we know. We eat, “mindlessly.” Even when people are made aware about large portion sizes, they are unwilling to acknowledge that they could be influenced by something as seemingly harmless as the size of a plate.

What’s happened to our portion sizes?

It could stem from the fact that we have a tendency to “clean our plate” and because the larger portion has become the norm, we also underestimate the calories in large portion sizes. There is an important theme going on here – there are larger packages in supermarkets, larger portions in restaurants and larger dinner plates at home and all of this influences how much we believe is “normal” to eat.

I believe the answer is in the elimination of large dinnerware from people’s lives!  It’s much easier to change people’s environment than it is to change their thinking.

What is the iPortion Lunchbox?

There is the hope and it’s yet to be seen that just as larger portion sizes have gradually led to supersized appetites, smaller portions may gradually lead to downsized appetites. Using this portable portion plate for work, travel or school could help. To ensure that portioned food stays secure, our sturdy, sectioned travel plates come with sealable lids. The Go Healthy portion travel plates are also microwave and dishwasher safe so that they are functional as well as easy to use.

Available to buy two plastic portion plates, with lids, in a box for €12.99.  To order you can email info@iportion.ie or phone me on P: 085 7708940  iPortion Plate Empty