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Sports Nutrition

Gillian is recognised as a sports dietitian with a PgCert in Applied Sports Nutrition. She is committed to providing nutritional advice that is scientifically evidence based, to help maximize your performance.

Ensuring the quantity and quality of your energy intake is appropriate will be a priority before, during and after exercise. Hydration, timing of meals and snacks and the use of supplements can all also be covered. You may want to discuss particular concerns relevant to your sport (foods for concentration, keeping weight within desirable levels, etc).

Gillian can also give presentations to local sports clubs throughout Wicklow and Dublin as well as nationwide at your convenience.

Gillian has a keen interest in sports nutrition and is a qualified sports Dietitian from St. Mary’s University in Twickenham. Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, competing on a team or aiming for your personal best, Gillian can give you professional guidance on optimizing your sports performance.

Hours outside of dietetics, Gillian is a member of the Wicklow Triathlon Club, enjoys yoga, weight lifting and has competed at national level in horse riding events. This keen interest in sport has filtered through to providing nutritional advice to many triathletes, runners and school sports teams. Gillian has worked with the Wicklow Women’s GAA Team and has a passion for optimising nutrition as part of the plan to help improve performance.

From team sports to ultra marathon and triathlon competitors, Gillian can help you reach your full potential.

Gillian McConnell - Dietician in Dublin

Sports Nutrition Talks & Workshops:

If you have a competitive sports club or sporting school in Co. Wicklow or South Dublin and want to improve nutrition practices, Gillian can come and talk to the club members, pupils and coaches on optimizing nutrition for training and matches.

Gillian can also give presentations to local sports clubs throughout Wicklow and Dublin at your convenience. Often this is a good way to help athletes improve on their sports performance as well as find out the latest evidence based guidelines on sports nutrition.

Gillian has given talks to the following clubs on sports nutrition;