Clients will be provided with in-depth, personalised and high-quality dietary advice. Clients can be advised on a range of nutritional areas including:

Weight Management

Corporate Nutrition consultation with Inside Out Nutrition

Healthy Eating



Gut Nutrition

Corporate Nutrition for keeping stomach healthy


There may be other nutritional concerns you have that are not listed here, so please do not hesitate to contact Gillian McConnell to discuss them. Check out the Terms and Conditions.

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What to Expect From Your Consultation

Prior to the one-to-one personalised consultation you will have an initial 10 minute telephone consultation to discuss your nutritional concerns. With your permission, it may be necessary to contact your GP to clarify any symptoms/medical conditions. This information is helpful if you have recently been diagnosed with a long-term medical condition where the diet required may depend on the exact nature of the diagnosis.

This initial consultation will include:

This will include an individually tailored eating plan which will appeal to your taste preferences and fit in with your lifestyle Deciding if a follow up appointment is required to review progress or goals. Giving you extra supporting written information that may be necessary Writing to your GP, with your agreement, where a diet related medical issue has been discussed.

A follow up appointment

(lasting to 30 minutes) may be recommended to help monitor your progress and address any issues that have arisen following your initial one-to one consultation. Flexible consultation schedules are available to suit your individual needs.

Do I Need A Referral From My Doctor?

No. You do not need a referral to make an appointment. However a letter from your doctor with a copy of any tests you have had may be useful.

Can I claim fees back from health insurance?

Yes. I am a member of the INDI (Irish Nutrition and Dietetics Institute) which is recognised by health insurers. What is not covered by your health insurer can be claimed on the Med 1 Form you submit at the end of the year.