Client Reviews

“I have been working with Gillian for many years and she has helped me completely change my relationship with food. Gillian also gave me the confidence to start exercising again in a safe and realistic way…
Her knowledge is exceptional and she shares this in a way that is easy to understand. I would highly recommend working with Gillian as she will support you every step of the way.”
November, 2022
“Excellent experience. Gillian gave me some great tips and advice. I would highly recommend.”
October, 2022
“I came to Gillian about 3 months ago with health problems requiring a change of diet. I took the opportunity to also review my eating habits so I could also loose some weight along the way…
Gillian gave me a very flexible plan that allowed me to fit the new correct eating habits to my lifestyle. I have lost 10Kg in these three months and hope to loose another 10Kg in the next few months. But most importantly, I am not longer thinking about the diet, I feel good about myself and that is the most important thing! Thank you Gillian.”
“Very knowledgable, thorough and kind. “
July, 2022
“Very pleasant and extremely helpful.”
April, 2022
“Very reassuring with all advice based not just on scientific facts but also on her policy of being open to taking a more holistic approach to dietary problems…
Interest also shown on hearing feedback/progress on her suggested diet plan which dispels any worries of tackling problems in isolation. Highly recommended. “
April, 2022
“Very helpful”
April, 2022
“Last week I was a bit in despair as I didn’t stick to my regime and I thought – what’s the point! So, I emailed Gillian to cancel the follow-up appointment…
Gillian came back to me with advice and encouragement and I attended the appointment. I had a good chat with Gillian and she got me back on track. She is very friendly and professional and I’m very grateful for her pep talks.”
March, 2022
“Gillian is fantastic, very knowledgeable, professional, helpful and friendly. “
February, 2022
“I was recommended to Gillian by my GP after nearly 2 stone loss in weight after having all my teeth extracted and had great difficulty in eating…
I wish I had been recommended to her much sooner . She was a great help and gave me loads of great advise and loads of good suggestions inorder to help me over the next few months to regain some of the weight loss and to improve my recovery time after sailing each week . I look forward to the next few months with optimism. Frank”
August, 2022
“I am very pleased with my visit to Gillian . She gave me plenty of time ,answered all my questions with all the information I needed…
Worked out a diet for me with practical helpful tips. Now it’s up to me . Just to make sure I make the effort I have made an appointment for 2 months time when hopefully I will have succeeded in getting down the weight . Brian Fennell “
August, 2021
“Both my husband and myself went to see Gillian for some advice on our diet. She was very informative and was able to quickly identify..
our problem areas with diet and eating habits and give us useful advice on how to improve. We’d both highly recommend anyone to go to see her.”
July, 2021
“This was my first visit to Gillian and I feel better already! She was very thorough and explained everything to me in a way that I could understand…
without being condescending. Her reassurance has made me feel much more positive about my treatment plan and I feel confident that the course of action we are taking will relieve my symptoms and improve my overall health.”
June, 2021
“Great meeting Gillian and she helped me out with a plan. Looking forward to making these small changes and hopefully it will turn out to be beneficial.”
May, 2021
“Gillian is very professional, really helpful. I would recommend to everyone.”
May, 2021
“Delighted with the progress. Hopefully it will continue. ”
May, 2021
“Very worthwhile. Am confident that the advice given will work ”
April, 2021
“Very informative on what to eat or to avoid. Put me on track to loose weight.”
April, 2021
“Kind, compassionate and informative. I know I am in good hands with Gillian.”
March, 2021
“Very helpful and informative advice ”
December, 2021
“Very helpful and informative appointment with Gillian. Answered any questions and advice given was clear and easy to understand.”
November, 2021
“Very Informative and easy for me to take on board. Highly Recommended”
October, 2021
“Gillian is a lovely woman who is well educated in her field of expertise. My visits and guidance by her have much improved my quality of life. Gillian comes highly recomended.”
August, 2021
“The consultation was very helpful and informative. I’m looking forward to trying the recipes that Gillian will send on to me. ”
July, 2021
“I’ve met with Gallian on several occasion to talk about various gut related issues and with losing weight, and on both…
accounts she has absolutely delivered. One of the biggest advantages of using her service is that you get tailor made advice that fits your lifestyle perfectly. I would highy recommend her expertise, you are safe pair og hands!”
August, 2021
“Great friendly service and down to earth advice with super easy to use products. Love that there is no calorie counting.
Aisling Harley MSc
July, 2021