The Essential Slow Cooker e-Cookbook


– 32 delicious recipes
– Top nutrition tips

Product Description

This Slow Cooker e-Cookbook is filled with simple, yet delicious healthy recipes with store cupboard friendly ingredients that are all easily available from your local supermarket.  With eight chicken, eight meat, eight fish and eight vegetarian recipes serving up to six people, our recipes make quick and easy meals to prepare for all the family, all in one pot, your slow cooker.   A conscious effort has been made to consider healthy portion sizes, without sacrificing flavour, as well as keeping it budget-friendly. You’ll be easily impressed by how making great tasting slow cooker meals can be such a simple process.  It’s a great way to keep healthy meals a regular occurrence while learning to love good wholesome food.


“Such a handy digital cookbook to have and very easy to follow recipes” Clair