Nutritious snacks to keep hunger at bay

Changing the type of snack from the sugary and refined carbohydrate variety to one containing more protein can help keep you fuller for longer and will help you eat smaller portions at mealtimes. Here’s a simple and practical list of snack combinations that’ll be sure to do the trick;

1. A handful of nuts e.g. 12 almonds or 8 pecans or 4 Brazil nuts all contain about 100kcal each

2. Plain, natural or Greek yoghurt with berries or for a sweeter taste, flavour with vanilla pod or essence

3. Carrot / pepper / sugar-snap / mangetout / celery sticks and x 1 heaped tablespoon of low fat hummus or low fat cream cheese.

4. x 2 Babybel Light are 80kcal and 10g protein with a few grapes or cherry tomatoes

5. Mozzarella Light x 1/2 a ball with plum tomato and basil!

6. Slice of wholemeal toast or 2 Ryvita with x 1 teaspoon peanut butter and 1/2 a banana

7. Nut butter of your choice with x 1 tablespoon with fruit slices, or on x 2 rice cakes

8. Handful of roasted chickpeas (drain tinned chickpeas, pat dry, roast for 20 mins) or buy roasted chickpeas from the Greek section in Lidl

9. Sugar free jelly with 0% fat yoghurt x 3 heaped dessertspoons

10. Hard boiled egg with crunchy raw carrot sticks