The Menopause Nutrition Day Retreat at The Wicklow Escape

Why Choose Our Perimenopause & Menopause Day Retreat?

All women experience menopause in different ways. There are between 40 – 50 recognised signs and symptoms women experience during perimenopause and menopause. So not surprisingly it can feel like a minefield to understand and navigate.

As a Registered Dietitian and woman in perimenopause, Gillian believes that every woman should understand how to put the best nutrition and lifestyle strategies in place to support them through menopause and beyond.

Our Menopause Nutrition Day Retreat at the fabulous Wicklow Escape, is the most comprehensive dedicated health retreat with a complete and holistic focus on perimenopause and menopause. It’s packed with workshops that are evidence based and exercise activities that are specifically designed to support women make their own personal choices in the menopause.

You can be sure to be in the best hands with our CEO and Dietitian with experience of over 20 years.

“I’m really delighted to be supporting you through this next phase of your life. It’s an exciting time ahead, a time where you deserve to look and feel fantastic!”
– Gillian McConnell, Registered Dietitian and Founder of the My Menopause Quest programme.
Next Retreat 14/04/24
Goodie Bags Included!

This is the perfect day retreat for only €120 that covers the following topics…

The interactive Dietetic workshops focus on perimenopause and menopause are and are designed to empower women with the science-based knowledge and practical tools to manage the nutritional challenges that often come with these life stages. These informal workshops typically cover a range of topics related to essential nutrients, practical dietary strategies, and overall health during perimenopause and menopause. They’re a great way to get informed, share and have fun, no subjects are off limits!! Here’s a breakdown of some key aspects that may be covered:
Unravel the intricacies of hormonal transformations that characterise perimenopause and menopause. Find out everything about common challenges & symptoms, including hot flashes, mood swings, and weight gain, and tackle considerations for gut and bone health.
Explore key nutrients crucial during this life stage, including calcium, vitamin D, omega-3 fats, fibre, and protein.
Discover practical strategies to prevent or control weight gain during this life stage. Explore tips for enhancing metabolism through mindful dietary choices and engaging in physical activity.
Learn valuable strategies for portion control, mindful eating, and optimal meal timing. Receive recommendations on maintaining a balanced diet and addressing cravings for a healthier approach to nutrition during this life stage.
Explore the need for dietary supplements during this phase and gain insights on distinguishing genuine recommendations from marketing ploys.
Uncover the significance of stress management, quality sleep, and regular physical activity in promoting overall health. Learn how these essential practices can help alleviate troublesome symptoms during perimenopause and menopause.

On our Menopause Retreat, you will…

Eat Well

What we eat and drink is critical for happy hormones. Our hormones play a part in gut, heart and bone health as well as being needed for healthy skin, hair, libido and muscle tone. During your day on our retreat, you’ll get to enjoy a delicious lunch with freshly cooked local produce, leaving you feeling energised for the rest of the retreat. Our energy ball-making workshop is designed to teach you how to create a simple and nutritious snack that can seamlessly fit into your daily routine. We’ll cover all your nutrition need to know questions during this retreat, plus you’ll take home a lovely booklet outlining all the important nutrition aspects and energy ball recipe card.

Move Your Body

Movement is always an important component of a healthy lifestyle and even more so in menopause, from reducing your risk of chronic disease, to improving sleep quality, aiding digestion, building stronger bones and helping with stress management…you’ll get to enjoy a wonderful guided walk just off track from The Wicklow Escape. A walk always to be remembered, as our guide will take you foraging where you’ll learn all about and collect edible will foods to take home. You’ll also learn how to identify them and use them in your kitchen. Our Springtime retreat couldn’t be a better time to do this and no better person that Geraldine from Wicklow Wild Foods to lead you on this wonderful walk.

Enjoy Time For You

As we approach menopause, finding time for yourself can feel even more challenging. Balancing a hectic life, working, and supporting ageing parents and/or children, you can find yourself at the bottom of a very long to-do list. This day Retreat offers you the opportunity to prioritise your own health and well-being and connect with a small group of other women who are in a similar place to you. You can relish a nurturing and supportive setting where you can relax and be looked after, but it can also be your space to take stock and focus on this transitional phase and consider what you want from this next phase in your life.

Join Us On Our Next Menopause Day Retreat for only €120 (with goodie bag included) at The Wicklow Escape on 14/04/24

FAQ’s About Our Wicklow Escape Menopause Nutrition Day Retreat

Once you have booked your place on the retreat, you will receive an email with full instructions on how to find The Wicklow Escape. But take it from us, once you are there, you won’t believe the beauty of this tranquil escape.
Yes, if you purchase this day retreat as a gift for someone, a gift voucher can be posted or emailed to you.
If you need to cancel, charges apply. If you cancel 90 days before the retreat, 50% is refundable. If you cancel 60 days before the retreat, 25% is refundable. If you cancel less than 60 days before the retreat, there is no refund.
In the event of the retreat being cancelled, we will offer credit to a future retreat that can be attended within 18 months.