Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for You?

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The idea that apple cider vinegar has health benefits has been around for many centuries and it’s one people always ask me about.

Unfortunately apple cider vinegar, which contains the active compound acetic acid (also in other vinegar’s just to note!) isn’t the miracle health food people think it to be, here’s why –

What does the research say:

  • Studies looking at the benefits of apple cider vinegar are all small scale human studies or done in rats.  Better quality studies are needed to understand if apple cider vinegar has a real impact on larger population groups and also to see if any positive results seen transfer from animal to human studies.
  • There is a misconception that apple cider vinegar ‘detoxifies’ and ‘cleanses’ our systems when quite honestly the liver and kidneys do the job when it comes to filtering out any toxins in the body.  We are yet to see any research that indicates that specific foods will cleanse or rid our body’s of toxins.

Bottom Line:

  • If you’re looking to cider vinegar to help with weight loss, lowering cholesterol levels or helping to control blood glucose levels, the proof is just not there and you would be better putting in more efforts changing your eating habits and increasing your exercise to get results.
  • Do yourself a bigger favour and incorporate nutrient packed fruits, vegetables and salads into your diet and it will be money better spent!

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