Hunger Scale to Control Hunger

A hunger scale can be used to rate your hunger levels to determine when you are really hungry, full and just right. Here’s how it works:

The scale runs from 1 – 10, the lower numbers represent hunger and the higher numbers represent fullness.  It is recommended that you stay somewhere in the middle (4 – 6) on the scale, meaning you don’t allow yourself to get too hungry or too full.

The whole idea of the hunger scale is to:

  • Avoid putting off eating to the point where you will eat anything because you are so starving
  • Know when to stop eating before you feel like you don’t ever want to see food again
  • You can use the hunger scale to keep track of how you are feeling during the day and determine if you’re getting hungry enough to eat a snack, or full enough that it’s time to put the fork down.