How Can I Choose a Healthy Yoghurt??

Bombarded with yoghurts and having trouble choosing the healthy option, read on to help you choose a healthy yoghurt and help it all make sense.

When I see clients in clinic, I usually get a question about yoghurts…”how can I choose a healthy yoghurt?…”what about all that sugar?…should I avoid them completely because I’m so confused?…

Understanding the sugar content of yoghurt:

– The sugar in yoghurt is known as intrinsic sugar which means the sugar is held within the cell structure of the yoghurt.
– Added sugar are those added to the yoghurt such as table sugar, honey or syrup.
– You cannot buy a yoghurt with ‘no sugar’ – the natural / intrinsic sugarcontained in yoghurt is called lactose.
– The intrinsic sugar lactose does not count as part of sugar limits.
– Intrinsic sugar is also found in whole fruits and vegetables.
– We want to be limiting the added and free sugar in our diets as much as possible.
– The WHO recommend sugar should not exceed 10% of your daily energy intake. So let’s say if you consume a 2000 calorie diet, 10% of daily energy equates to 200 calories = 53g = 13 teaspoons of sugar.

Yoghurt Buying Tips:

You need to get to grips with reading labels:
– The healthiest yoghurt to buy is low or no fat plain / natural
– If buying plain or natural yoghurt go for one that contain around 6g sugar per 100g
– If you need to sweeten it a bit, add your own chopped fruit or berries
– If you’re buying a flavoured yoghurt, choose one thant has leass than 10 – 12g sugar per 100g

Don’t Forget to Look at the Bigger Picture:

There are huge health benefits to consuming yoghurt:
– 125g pot meets 45% of your calcium needs
– good protein source for muscles & wound healing
– helps to reduce blood pressure
– may be good for gut health if they contain probioticsshutterstock_350647661