Honour Thy Hunger And Thy Fullness

Recognising Your Hunger Cues Can Play a Major Role in Weight Management

Rather than just focusing on weight loss and the numbers coming down on the scales, it’s better if we try to recognise our own personal hunger and fullness signals.  Then we need to act on them in the right way!

It’s all about getting back in touch with your body’s hunger signs rather than just stuffing ourselves with food – sure it’s everywhere and it’s so tempting – petrol stations, the corner shop, in the office….

Ok so you’re telling me it’s healthy food you’re snacking on, but still, eating too much could mean you end up gaining rather than losing weight.  We need to re-learn our hunger and satiety signals.  Think of a baby – most only eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full (not stuffed).  And this is because we were born with these hunger cues.

Have a look at this easy hunger scales and try to become reacquainted with your body’s natural hunger cues.

The Hunger and Fullness Scale:

10    Beyond full / Sick “Why did I eat so much”

9      Very uncomfortably full

8      Uncomfortably full

7      Full

6      Comfortable & satisfied – Ideal time to stop eating

5      Neutral

4      Hungry – Ideal time to start eating

3      Uncomfortably hungry

2      Very uncomfortably hungry

1      Beyond hungry / Ravenous / “I’m starving”