Have You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau?

Do you feel you are not making the progress you deserve?  Do you feel your weight loss has plateaued?

Sometimes it’s not the food choices you make but rather the quantity you are eating.  It is possible that people overeat healthy foods and gain weight.  You might see a bit of yourself in the following points:

  • Olive oil: It can be easily added in vast quantities to salads and for sauteing vegetables or making stir-frys.  But remember, one tablespoon contains 120kcal
  • Nuts: They seem to be the buzz snack at the moment.  Be careful though as there is as much as 100kcal in only 12 nuts such as cashews or almonds.  It’s easy to keep picking away at them not realising you have eaten half the bag!  Portion them up and then put the rest out of sight.
  • Peanut butter: Again, another popular one for crackers, fruit and adding to smoothies.  However, as little as one level tablespoon contains 100kcal.  Spread thinly and measure more accurately.
  • Avocado: We need to be more cautious about how much of this ‘nature’s butter’ we eat in one sitting.  A whole avocado contains 300kcal.  Yes it is all good fats, but it is still calories never the less.  Use mindfully.Avocado & nuts