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Family Nutrition

Whether you are planning to start a family, confused about family nutritional needs or looking for healthy & nutritious meal ideas, Gillian can guide you through this minefield and provide practical, useable information that works for you and your family. Gillian does not cover eating disorders as this is such a specialist area, but highly recommends heading over to Body Whys for more support. 

Nutrition advice before, during and after pregnancy:

Childhood & Adolescent Nutrition:

Gillian works on a one to one basis with parents and their children / teens to help establish healthy eating patterns that promote growth and development. In most cases this process also benefits the whole family’s nutritional status through education. Using individual assessments, Gillian will help parents to identify their child’s current food intake and prioritise areas for change. A wide range of areas can be discussed, including:

Family Nutrition:

Life is hectic, but healthy eating needn’t be for you…All family consultations come with a FREE Essential Slow Cooker e-Cookbook!!

Do you find yourself stressed out about what you are going to cook for dinner? Do you find you have no time to plan your weekly meals or shopping list? Gillian is here to take some of that stress away & make meal planning simple. You can discuss any family nutrition topics from;

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