Don’t Feel Guilty About Christmas Eating. Get Mindful About Food

It’s so hard to avoid eating and drinking too much over Christmas.  Whatever you do, don’t feel guilty about it, but there are ways to prevent overindulgence, sabotaging your healthy eating plan and piling on the pounds.


First things first…

  • Start with a healthy breakfast and aim to eat three meals a day to help keep in routine as much as possible.  That way you won’t end up starving and overeating without a second thought or snacking all day long which is hard to keep tabs on food intake.


  • Use a smaller plate to help with portion control.  Whether you are at a buffet or a sit down meal, you can handle a buffet by using a smaller plate.  Remember a medium spring roll / sausage roll / mince pie are all in and around 200 – 300kcal each.  A smaller plate simply means you can’t fit as much on!


  • At sit down dinners, again think 10 inch plate and pile the veggies on first so you can only fit a few small potatoes and turkey plus ham.


  • Go once to the buffet and be attentive in what you are choosing so as you will enjoy it.  Don’t go back for more.


  • Push your plate away when finished.  That way it’s much harder to go back for more.


  • Never eat the turkey skin at the main dinner.  This is where all the fat is, only 30g will add an extra 150kcal onto a meal.


  • Slow down your eating.  Aim for 20 – 30 bites per chew to enjoy the flavours and textures before swallowing.  You will digest food better and allow your brain time to realise you are full before going back for more.


  • Make sure you sit when you eat to take time out and enjoy your food.  Avoid being in a rush and try to enjoy the experience of eating.


  • Put your fork down between bites and don’t pick up for fork again until you’ve enjoyed and swallowed your first bite.


  • Plan ahead.  Eat a healthy meal at home before you go out and stand away from the food table at parties or keep your back facing it!


  • Resign from the clean plate club.  People don’t like leaving food on their plates or wasting food.  Overstuffing yourself won’t help your waistline.


  • Of course have a few chocolates and enjoy them!  Keep the wrappers so as you can keep tabs on how many choccies you’ve eaten.  Remember that any tinned or boxed chocolate will contain anywhere between 50 – 80kcal per chocolate.  Bring yourself back on track f things are getting out of hand.


  • Clear the leftovers to help avoid temptation.  It’s too easy to just keep nibbling when the food is sitting in front of you.


  • Watch your alcohol intake over Christmas.  Use a small glass.  Add plenty of ice.  Use a diet mixer.  Have a diet drink between alcohol drinks.