Do I need to take extra Vitamin C

Vitamin C has a very busy job in keeping us healthy. Here’s why we need it, how much we need and how we get it and let’s dispel a few myth while we’re at it!

Vitamin C helps to:

  • Absorb the iron from plant foods (such as grains and vegetables).
  • Keep your gums healthy.
  • Protect you from bruising and helps to heal cuts and wounds.
  • Produce the tissue that holds muscles and bones together.
  • Form and repair blood, bones and other tissues.
  • Possibly reduce the risk of some cancers and may prevent the signs of aging because it is an antioxidant

How much Do we Need:

15 – 45mg/day for children (depending on age)

70 – 100mg/day for adults

Where do we get Vitamin C from:

We can easily get Vitamin C from our diet every day.  Just by simply having a glass of orange juice at breakfast, some sliced red pepper with dip for an afternoon snack, and a cup of strawberries for dessert will meet your requirements for the day! Best sources come from;

  • pepper x 1 whole raw = 312mg
  • strawberries x 10 = 95mg
  • kiwi x 1 medium = 75mg
  • orange x 1 medium = 70mg
  • broccoli x 1 portion -= 60mg
  • tomato x 1 medium = 16mg
  • potatoes x 1 medium = 15mg

Myth 1: Taking extra Vitamin C will not prevent a cold and can actually make you feel worse.  High does of Vitamin C can cause nausea, tummy cramps and diarrhoea.  Taking 1000mg Vitamin C when you have a cold may help to shorten the length of the cold by a day.

Myth 2: Organic foods are higher in Vitamin C.  Research has not shown that organic fruits and vegetables are higher in Vitamin C so more research is needed in this area.

Myth 3: Citrus is the best source of Vitamin C.  Peppers & broccoli, kiwis & strawberries are better sources of Vitamin C.