Christmas Survival Tips For a More Healthy You

How Do We Keep Healthy This Christmas?!

Lack of Sleep:

Naughty Remember that sleep allows the body to rest and repair. A growing body of evidence suggests that a lack of sleep may increase risk of chronic disease.  Less sleep often means more mindless snacking too.

Nice – Aim to get seven hours sleep per night as often as you can or if you’ve had a late one, get a 20 -30 minute nap in on your day off work to help improve mood and alertness


Naughty – Prolonged stress may cause an increase in cortisol levels which will slow down metabolism and risk chronic disease setting in

Nice – Take time out or try a bit of mindfulness in your day to bring you back to the present

Weight Gain:

Naughty – On average people gain 2 – 5lb over Christmas because of mindless eating of chocolates, sweets and mince pies

Nice – Focus on portion control and plan your meals and snacks.  Keep wrappers in sight to help you keep track of how many chocolates you’re eating in one sitting! Be realistic, December is not the month to focus on weight loss. Aim for weight maintenance not weight loss. Use a smaller plate to eat off and watch portions and you’ll help to curb that weight gain.


Naughty – Try not to sit around all day, you’ll find the days will go by and you’ve really not been all that active

Nice – Aim for 30 minutes activity per day.  Find what works for you over the festive period but make sure you get outside and take in the fresh air. Dance the night away on party nights to burn a few extra calories!